Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I qualify to be an Ibuencer?

From the moment you are pregnant & at the beginning of your magical motherhood journey, you can be part of our community. Whether you are a new-parent-to-be or an experienced mummies (and daddies), we welcome you to be part of our growing community of Ibuencers across South East Asia.

Will I get suitable sponsorship opportunities?

Whether you are pregnant mum, career mum, mum with newborn; or a parent who love to share about parenting, fashion, food or lifestyle... we have jobs for you. Everyday, we match Ibuencers profiles with our global advertiser networks to offer you opportunities to work with brands you like.

Will I get paid for doing this?

Yes! What's better than being able to create content for products / services that you are passionate in; and getting paid for doing it. We help connect you to collaborate with brands you love.